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11 West Coast Swing Clips You Need to Watch

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In the last 15 years, there have been countless amazing West Coast Swing dances, so it’s almost impossible to create a list of the top West Coast Swing videos.

So, instead, we’ve put together 10 clips that we consider “Must-Watch West Coast Swing”!


There are 2 kinds of routine – Classic & Showcase. In Classic routines, both partners must keep their feet on the ground at all times, and in Showcase routine, lifts & aerials are allowed.

Here’s just a few of the “must-watch” routines over the last 15 years.

Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake – 2002 US Open

Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann – 2007 SwingDiego

Ben Morris & Melina Ramirez – 2009 Grand Nationals

Brennar Goree & Torri Smith – 2010 US Open

Benji Schwimmer & Torri Smith – 2012 US Open

Ben Morris & Victoria Henk – 2016 US Open

Lead & Follow Dances

There are 2 kinds of lead & follow competitions – Jack & Jill and Strictly Swing. In jack & Jill, you are randomly assigned a partner and a song, and in Strictly, you choose your own partner, but are randomly assigned a song.

Here’s some special Lead & Follow moments from the last decade.

Benji Schwimmer & Mary Ann Nunez – 2010 SwingDiego

PJ Turner & Tashina Beckmann – RCS 2017

John Lindo & Melissa Rutz – 2011 MadJam

Robert Royston, Maxence Martin & Deborah Szekely2012 Australian Open

Diego Borges & Jessica Pacheco – 2015 Nordic WCS Champs

To be honest, we could keep going for hours and hours of footage… but these are some of our favourites for you to get started with!


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